Secluded heights

Rim Water begins its journey from 2,628m altitude, as virgin snow covering the eastern side of Mount Sannine, Lebanon. As warmer weathers unfold, the snow melts and penetrates the layers of the mountains, collecting natural minerals in capacities only unique to this particular geological area.

This one-year journey leads every droplet of Rim Water, one at a time, to the heart of the mountain: The Ain el Saifieh spring.


100 million years spring

The Ain el Saifieh spring dates back to the Cenomanian age. It is a natural formation inside the Sannine Mountain, where the water of Rim naturally carved its way 100 million years ago.

With a natural constant temperature range between 7 and 9 degrees Celcius throughout the year, and a considerable depth into the mountain, Ain el Saifieh houses and protects Rim Water until it flows by gravity to the bottling facility, where Rim Water is bottled live, untouched and never artifically stored by the time it fills every bottle.

Private virgin land:
12 million square meters

Rim Water's founder, Mr. Merched G. Baaklini, a true visionary of sustainability, innovation and excellence, made it his mission to protect the land surrounding the Ain el Saifieh spring in order to sustain the natural integrity of Rim Water.

Today, this land spans 12 square kilometers and is home to a Cedar tree forest that counts more than 30,000 trees, and excludes any human activity throughout its surface.


Live bottling, tested 24/7

Rim Water is bottled live from the Ain el Saifieh spring, only by gravity. This process, unique of its kind in the region, is an important contributor to the refreshing and smooth taste of Rim Water.

Its natural composition remains intact and healthy, making Rim Water enjoyable to drink. The bottling is followed by vigorous quality testings by the in-house advanced laboratory, to monitor the quality and integrity of Rim Water on a constant basis.